This is how we invented Bige:Bag for Motorbikes

-by Deeksha and Adithi.


Hi everyone!

My name is Adithi Garood and I am the co-founder of the product “bige” (OMG all these big words). The truth is I am just a small girl studying in grade 10 who wanted to make life a step easier. The inspiration for the BIGE came from the dreaded Bengeluru traffic. Each day I would see many bikers doing small errands with only a plastic bag dangling from their handle. It was not 100% safe (as many times the plastic bag would give way and tear), neither was if safe for the environment and above all uncomfortable for the biker.

Never had I thought twice on that sight, until one day Rohith told us to look for real-life problems to solve. He challenged us while we were waiting at a traffic signal. We had 19 seconds to green and were forced to find a problem before we started moving.

We (Deeksha and I) decided to solve it. It was summer so why not do something productive? We started from scratch. At first we explored where all a bag could be placed without obstructing the rider or the passenger (like the older box model) and also a place that has enough space to allow a bulk of items (unlike the bag on the petrol tank) we finally concluded that the mirrors were the best option we had. With a lot of trial and error with each piece of material and about a dozen of trips to the market and the tailor, we finally present to you the ultimate design now on sale in Amazon

it may be a small problem and a small solution, but it helps in every way. You can also take it for grocery shopping or for small errands instead of using those plastic bags.

This innovation is handmade and hence supports make in India and Swach Bharath.

This video shows how to use the bige. Buy this on Amazon by clicking the link below. Use this and give us your comments and suggestions.